Velcro Lewis Group ‘Amnesia Haze’ Up for Pre-Orders!

New Velcro Lewis Group lp ‘Amnesia Haze’ up for Pre-Orders! give it a listen! For fans of Kurt Russell, rock records, pizza, and pre-marital sex!

Here’s the scoop on the Velcro Lewis Group:

The Velcro Lewis Group is Earth’s premier acid-rock, space-funk septet. The band twists the aesthetics of Funkadelic, Hawkwind, Temptations, and Black Sabbath into their own living -breathing planet of sound. Lead by Hawk Colman, the brother with the 5 octave range, honky tonk veteran, Lawrence Peters singing bass and scrubbing the washboard, and blind growler/Moog-eater, Andy Slater, people can’t deny the commands and demands shouted from the stage. Travers Gauntt’s Skylab crashing guitars hug and hurt, Alison Hunger’s psychic Theremin dances and dives, and Halden Spoonwood’s bass playing has more pocket than a pair of overalls, revealing the band to be a source of both confusion and totality.
Once it becomes possible to drive an Impala through space and time the Velcro Lewis Group Will be hot glued into the tape deck.

Amnesia Haze is a serious record for people who aren’t afraid to rock out a little. ¬†Follow the link, listen to the offered track, ‘Castles Will Fall’, Pre-Order your copy and then go wait by the mailbox. ¬†You’re gonna want to put this on your turntable right away!