The Debut Self-Titled Full Length from TABLES is finally here!  Pre-Orders and the release show went really well, so look this way, listen to some tracks, and place your order for this gem of a record.  Here’s some details:

Early in 2015, Chris Ruggiero from Gold Coast Recorders teamed up with Josh Druckman (Outlier Inn Recording), Tim Walsh (Stepkids), and Tim Warren (Alternate Routes), and hammered out a beautiful piece of improv ambient electronica.   Synth and vocal loops, piano, and percussion coalesce incredibly well on this and present an album filled with as much charm as zone-out moments.  This is serious long country drive music.  The perfect soundtrack for staring off into the horizon and counting clouds.  What you need to drop the blood pressure after a long work week.  Get your copy now, not cause you’re concerned about living a stress-free life, but because the music is amazing and it will make you love your turntable even more.  

250 copies pressed.  digital downloads included.