Procedure Club ‘Pinky Swear’ Out Now!


The wait is finally over!  Procedure Club’s follow up to their Slumberland Records release is out now!
With undercurrents of haunting airiness and mechanical instability, Procedure Club’s latest work, Pinky Swear, is like a ghost driving the Beast Of Turin through a hailstorm. The song structures consist of heavily reverbed melodic vocals, stuttering mechanized drum beats, dirty bass, synths, and alternately washed-out and jangly guitars.
     This is a great listening experience and it sounds amazing on vinyl!  We cooked up 250 copies of this, so grab a copy now and avoid the rush!



Also, for those of you in town, please make your way over to Lyric Hall on July 22nd, as we’re holding a record release party there alonside the Mountain Movers and Landing, who also are releasing a record that day!