This is it! The record’s out and now you can bring this soon to be punk classic home for you and your friends to enjoy! Blessed State’s “Head Space” is a brilliant collection of 8 punk jams that harken back to the early 80s days of punk/hardcore. Western MA’s Justin Pizzoferrato (Sonic Youth, Dinasaur JR, Speedy Ortiz) did the recording honors and what he captured is pretty awesome.  Hear it for yourself and then grab a copy before we sell out.

250 copies pressed, 45 RPM for best possible sound, insert & digital downloads included!

Early Press:

“The record pulls from decades of punk and post-hardcore, sounding at times like Braid, Husker Du, Paint It Black and still more. These guys definitely sound like they’ve got a serious record collection” (Brooklynvegan)

“Blessed State play a killer style of punk music that mixes equal parts 80’s Revolution Summer style hardcore/punk and post punk.” (Manic Compression)

“‘Head Space’ sees the collective of “harder-edged” punx from the likes of Iron Hand, Fugitive, and Ratzinger moving away from ‘core basics and rotating their guitar slam dance into whirlwind of lush aggression akin to ’80s noise-pop predecessors Hüsker Dü and Jade Tree-era melodic thrashers Swiz, or Fucked Up” (recommendedlisten)

“Head Space is a wall of melody tossed down a spiral staircase covered in broken glass; equally anthemic and sadistic.” (Ventsmagazine)




This June, Safety Meeting’s releasing Western MA punk outfit, Blessed State’s first full length lp and we couldn’t be happier.  The record sounds amazing and is a welcome addition to the Safety Meeting roster.  8 superbly crafted tracks that harken back to the days of early 90’s melodic punk rock.  Showing off a bunch of influences that are native to the scene they hail from, it was only fitting that Justin Pizzoferrato (California X, Speedy Ortiz, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr.) was tapped to do the recording honors.  This week, keep your eyes open for the first video from ‘Head Space’ at Brooklynvegan and then pre-order your copy of the record before they’re all gone (only 250 copies pressed, 45 RPM, insert & downloads included).  We’ll be sharing some music from the record over the next couple weeks and getting the word out in anticipation of the release, so check back here or sign up for the newsletter to stay current.






Last year, we put Stone Titan‘s full length, Scratch ‘N Sniff, out, and people freaked the fuck out.  The record hit, the guys toured around a bit, a line up change occurred, and now here we are with a couple new jams all ready for Record Store Day.

“Peace, Love, And Get The Fuck Out Of My Face” is the new one.  All the bluster, doom, and squawking feedback you’ve come to love from Stone Titan lovingly pressed to random color 12″ vinyl, limited to 250 copies, with downloads included.  The EP will be out on Record Store Day, but you can Pre-Order your copy right now to ensure yourself a copy.  Preorderbutton

2014-03-29 19.22.33



The record’s out now and people are starting to get into it.  We’re really pleased with how it all came together.  the music’s great, the pressing is ridiculous, we cut this one a little hot to maximize the 45 RPM frequency range (layman’s terms – shit sounds super hot).  Check out the tracks and buy your copy now!


SMR033coverIron Hand‘s full length, ‘Injected Fear’ lp is just around the corner.  Album is dropping in mid February.  Press campaign is on now.  The good folks over at Lonesome Noise premiered the title track stream, go check it out HERE

‘Injected Fear’ is the first 12″ from long-running d-beat/hardcore outfit Iron Hand. Continuing on the path set forth by their earlier EP releases, ‘Injected Fear’ contains 7 crushing tracks of dystopian sonic abrasion. This 12″ carries influences in the vein of bands like State Of Fear, Wolfpack, and Giuda.

Lovingly pressed to 12″ 45 RPM for maximum fidelity. Limited to a 300 press run.

Want to pre-order this sucker before it sells out?  Go to HERE





IMG_20131202_150827We’ve been waiting on this one for a while and it looks like it’s all coming together now.  Keep your eyes and ears open for some new Iron Hand coming this winter!  We’ll be premiering a new track from the full length, Injected Fear (12″ full length, 45 RPM, silkscreened lp jackets, insert and digital downloads included), very soon!



Pre-Orders are up now for Acid Mothers Temple & Space Paranoid’s “Black Magic Satori”!

Only 500 copies pressed for this one so make sure to jump on this before we run out!

SMR034CoverPre-Order it here:

Acid Mothers Temple & Space Paranoid :

Tabata Mitsuru : bass, voice, maratab
Higashi Hiroshi : synthesizer, dancin’king
Okano Futoshi : drums, godspeed
Kawabata Makoto : guitars, speed guru

lyrics by Tabata Mitsuru, all music by Kawabata Makoto (except for Space Paranoid)
Space Paranoid ( originally “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath)

Recorded at Acid Mothers Temple on July 17th & 18th
Produced, engineered, & mixed by Kawabata Makoto
Mastered by Yoshida Tatsuya (Ruins)

500 press run, digital downloads included




Stone Titan‘s “Scratch ‘N Sniff” is Out Now!  We pressed 300 of these.  12″ 45 RPM, insert and download codes included.  Don’t Miss Out.


“Stone Titan are a mess, fucked up in all the right places, and “Scratch N’ Sniff” is one fat pile of gelatinous groove, hollered spite, squawking feedback”  –Decibel Magazine

“The groovy riffage blares, and the band relentlessly layers a lot of it with ear-piercing guitars” – The Needle Drop

“On their new LP, South Windsor, CT’s Stone Titan connects with all the subtlety of a brick to the cranium. And that’s by design, since their brand of mayhem mixes the metallic heaviness of Sludge/Doom with the abrasion of noise rock and even solid touches of punk-derived oomph. And in the process the band occasionally attains a psychedelic edge, though it’s a feeling much closer to the teeth-gnashing qualities of low-grade LSD than the agreeable transformations brought on by natural psychotropic substances. Scratch n’ Sniff ain’t a pretty ride, but it’s a succinct and very effective one.” – The Vinyl District

Check out the Title track “Scratch ‘N Sniff” at Decibel


Title’s latest and last lp, ‘Modern Sounds In Science Fiction’ is out now.  copies are moving fast, so grab a copy now before they’re all gone.  Here’s some links to a bunch of reviews.

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