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The Weigh Down arose from the charred remains of Seagrave and Leaves of Lothlorien in December of 1998. They released Good People in the Making in early 2001 on Meeting & Passing Records. After touring extensively throughout the country, opening up for such acts as Bright Eyes, Frank Black, Pedro the Lion, Cursive, and the Dismemberment Plan, Matt brought a set of narratively linked songs to the table, giving focus to the band, and Welcome to the Family Zoo was brought into the light. Weigh Down worked on this material for the next two years and the song writing process became increasingly collaborative. Looking to add new tones and textures, they took on keyboardist Emily Lee in late 2003. They set up camp in Mitch Rackin’s Tone Float Studio in Chinatown and began recording Welcome to the Family Zoo in April. Weigh Down worked on the record through 2004 (into 2005, actually), taking the time to make sure everything sounded exactly as intended. And now, finally finding a home in Safety Meeting Records, the end result of several years’ work is ready to be embraced by all.

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SMR O6 + Welcome to the Family Zoo + 9/4/07

Track Listing
1. Where the Lifeless Go
2. Take It Slow
3. Michu Bean (howdoyoudoit)
4. The Hawaiian Martyr
5. A New Plan For Old Siam
6. Wooden Monsters
7. Who And The Fox
8. Death And The Dry Hand
9. The Blizzard Whore
10. Bend Any Way You Can
11. J. Calamity (whydidyoudoit)