Titles’ Sleep-Inducing Fact Sheet:

In mid 2004, due to a post-college get-your-shit-together freak-out, a small Connecticut rock band fell apart. Everyone got jobs and moved about the country.

A few months after the band’s break-up, guitarist Brad Amorosino began a solo project. He wrote, played a few shows, and then banded with drummer John Miller. TITLES, the duo, gained some musical clarity and
recorded an album. Bassist Adrian van de Graaff joined the band in the studio.

The self-titled album was released in September of 2006 on Connecticut’s Welcome Home Records. Soon after the record’s release, Matt Wilson joined the band on guitar and pedal steel. TITLES threw out their songs and started over.

In February of 2007, after moving into a squirrel-infested house on the New Haven shoreline, TITLES recorded 3 songs at Tarquin Studios with Greg Giorgio (The National, Boxer). While pending the release of these songs, the band tracked their second LP, also with Giorgio.

New Haven’s Safety Meeting Records released the TITLES/Mountain Movers split seven inch in May of 2007 and the band completed a small mid-west/east coast tour. The second Titles LP, Up with the Sun, was released in May of 2008 and was named in an uncomfortably titled iTunes top ten list for 2008 (Best Alternative Albums You Didn’t Hear).

In 2009 guitarist/steel player Matt Wilson moved to Knoxville TN and the band was joined by keyboardist Dan Franko.

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Titles’ Press Contact:
Kathryn Musilek



SMR O3 + Mountain Movers/Titles Split Picture Disc + 5/8/07

Track Listing
Side A. Mountain Movers – Fate’s On Your Side
Side B. 1. Titles – Wait I Don’t Know
Side B. 2. Titles – Everything Is Starting To Look Up



SMR O9 + Up With The Sun + 5/08

Track Listing
1. A Happy Life
2. No Love
3. Jump In The Snow
4. We Have No Hands
5. Coal Mine
6. Bloody Nose
7. Here Comes The End
8. Who’s Disguise
9. Fully Dressed In Bed
10. Piano Girl



SMR O18 + Dirt Bell + 5/10

Track Listing
1. Born In The Sky
2. Pillowcase
3. Who To Hold
4. What Would It Take
5. Fuck It
6. Lug Me
7. When We Were Young
8. Night Owls
9. Gold Pear
10. Away We Go
11. Bottom Of The Lake
12. White Ghost




SMR O29 + Modern Sounds In Science Fiction + 6/25

Track Listing
1. Silhouette
2. Carousel
3. Odyssey
4. Stone Boat
5. Mountain
6. Lost
7. Be Not Afraid
8. Poltergeist
9. Starry Night
10. Castlevania
11. Nothing
12. Wild Blue