The Vultures


Warren, Will, and Dave met years ago. They all shared a common love for music. Dave and Warren formed a band to play jazz standards and forced Will to join. Soon after, the focus shifted from jazz to rock and the Vultures were formed. Warren plays the guitar and sings on occasion. Will plays the bass. Dave plays drums. Their influences range far and wide, causing the resulting music to walk the fine line between punk, skate-surf, and sludge. To see them play live is like a sonic assault that will leave you happily brutalized. Drawing from their love of free form and improv, every set is different. Their songs are constantly evolving.
This record is a document of what the Vultures do.

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SMR016 + Chingus + 09/22/09

1. Go
2. Alcohol
3. This Morning
4. French Press
6. Caffeine High
7. Alone
8. D-
9. Change Your Mind
10. Not Calling
11. Dreaming
12. All Of Me