The Mountain Movers



 Although five years have passed since Apple Mountain, the Mountain Movers’ last full length album, the band has been working steadily, releasing a half dozen 7” EP’s and cassettes. Over the last couple years their line-up has stabilized, one of incredible chemistry, and with every live performance the band’s interpretations of Dan Greene’s song writing have become increasingly direct, focused, and tonally powerful. The result is the highly anticipated new full-length album, Death Magic.

            Many bands described as “low-fi” only begin that way, and as the artist improves, so does the level of fidelity. But the Mountain Movers have upended the usual trajectory. After their ambitious and incredibly realized album Let’s Open Up The Chest (2008), a hi-fidelity studio production, subsequent releases were grounds for experimentation and home recording, resulting in a sound that some might call low-fi. For the Mountain Movers, this experimentation was a quest for an elusive tone, a far-off texture, and anyone who has seen their live shows over the last few years has witnessed the Mountain Movers distill their formula into something organic, pure, and unmasked. To make this album, the band set up in the modest basement studio of former member John Miller, whose production is live, transparent, and captures the feeling of what may be Greene’s best song writing to date. Death Magic is not another over-produced, ultra-digital pile of overdubs and effects. Rather, these ten tracks document an inspired, unified performance—fuzzed out, pounding, and hypnotic.

Dan Greene: Vocals, Guitar, Art

Kryssi Battalene: Lead Guitar

Rick Omonte: Bass

Ross Menze: Drums


SMR O2 + We’ve Walked in Hell, and There is Life After Death + 10/06

Track Listing
1. Leave a Light on
2. Lost
3. I Met the Devil on the Bus
4. This Last Hope
5. Bomb Shelter
6. What the Devil wants the Devil Takes
7. The Devil is Alive
8. The Afterlife
9. This Man Is Not Dead
10. Not Quiet Yet
11. Just A Few
12. The Devil Always Wins



SMR O3 + Mountain Movers/Titles Split Picture Disc + 5/8/07

Track Listing
Side A. Mountain Movers – Fate’s On Your Side
Side B. 1. Titles – Wait I Don’t Know
Side B. 2. Titles – Everything Is Starting To Look Up



SMR 13 + Let’s Open Up The Chest + 10/28/08

Track Listing
Side A.
1. When The Sun Is White
2. Let’s Open Up The Chest
3. Last Chance For Summer
4. Lost Control
5. You Know Who I Speak Of
Side B.
1. When I Die
2. I Shall Be In Love
3. tornados And Divorce
4. Real Evil
5. Ride Down Head First