While the name Skeletonbreath might suggest ghostly figures and chain-rattling wraiths lurking behind your walls, the Brooklyn-based instrumentalist trio is anything but invisible. Bob Pycior (of O’Death, violin) and Andrew Platt (bass) cut their Skeletonbreath teeth in 2002, with former member Crockett Doob on drums, and in 2006 self-released their debut, Louise. Their relentless touring turned heads, and the sonic orgy of screeching strings and explosive percussion seized ears. Though Doob parted amiable ways with Pycior and Platt in 2007, Skeletonbreath’s inertia was unrelenting, and the remaining duo sequestered the skills of Tris Palazzolo (also of Philly’s Red Racket, formerly Red Rocket, and Grandchildren) and have since only gained momentum.

The band describes itself as “Halloween party music,” and though garnered press seems to agree, there are whole lot more comparisons being made, and the only real unifying theme is that Skeletonbreath creates something ethereal and incendiary, restless, relentless, macabre, and yet somehow undeniably catchy. claims its “bursts of auditory mayhem that resonate in your head like a string of firecrackers.” The Orlando City beat remarks on a “swooning eastern passion,” and The L Magazine seems quite content to leave definition at fact: “A twisted, slightly aggressive three-man orchestra.”

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SMR014 + Eagle’s Nest, Devil’s Cave + 06/02/09

1. Dick Tracy
2. Dylan Fisher
3. Machinists
4. Taxidermist Convention
5. Llarimo
6. Skeletonbreath
7. The Combustible Man
8. Texarcana
9. Caveman
10. Silk City