M.T. Bearington


Matt Thomas knows how to write a song. That much is certain. He’s been the front person for many a band; In Vain, Leaves of Lothlorien, Weigh Down, Short Pants Romance, and the short lived but still talked about Orange Forest. Amidst the chaos of the last couple years, as one band fell apart and another reunited, Matt started writing songs for himself, bringing them home and recording them in his house at the end of late nights, early mornings, and whenever he found the inspiration. The end result, “Cloak Of Nouns And Loss” (SMR011) is a beautiful collection of pop psychedelic folk bliss, owing as much to Brian Wilson as to Roy Wood, complete with highs and lows, perfect harmonies and lush tones. With the exception of a bass line here and a drum track there, the album was recorded, mixed, and performed by Matt Thomas alone. Now, with Weigh Down on hiatus, Matt has assembled the Bearington band to bring his bedroom recordings to life.

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SMR011 + Cloak Of Nouns And Loss + 09/16/08

Track Listing
1. Eggs And Wings
2. Keep Warm With Animals
3. In My Sleep (Goodbye)
4. Fate Finder
5. The Water Of The Whole World
6. Worried Warts
7. What I’ll Never Be
8. Fearing Every Moment
9. Bedtime
10. Bright Magicians
11. We’ll Bang That Drum Again
12. Fire
13. The Bats
14. Death Ship



SMR024 + Love Buttons + 2/18/11

Track Listing
1. Love Buttons
2. Dark Night
3. Pictures
4. Here’s Your Mood Ring, Honey
5. Vanilla
6. Bed Gnome
7. Safety
8. When We Climb
9. Tub Wash The Oval Owl
10. Caroline
11. Car Crash