New Haven’s HUMANOID is an instrumental five-piece. Guitarists Dave Lutz and Steve Ross, bassists Warren Brelsford and Phil Law (who joined the band after the recording of Live at Bar: 8.12.07), and drummer Mark Miller look to each other for inspiration, commiseration, and for the occasional completion of a piece. They communicate through sound, texture, and intuition. Despite their egalitarian, improvisational writing process and live performance, HUMANOID alternates between highly compositional harmony and dissonance, and completely freeform abstraction and ambiance; all of it buttressed by gross movement and subtle ornamentation.

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SMR O7 + At BAR 8-12-07 + 12/14/07
300 Limited Press Run

Track Listing
1. Canaveral
2. Rake
3. Riff
4. Birdghost Hallucination
5. God Emperor of Doom
6. Monkey Apple