Estrogen Highs

Estrogen Highs

Emulating the same punk rock DIY attitude and sloppy lo-fi records that helped shaped their youth, New Haven’s the Estrogen Highs crank out blown-out catchy garage rock. After a series of killer singles and full lengths on Telephone Explosion, Deadbeat, Never Heard of It and the tastily titled Milk n’ Herpes Records, the boys deliver their special dose of jangley controlled chaos to the Cycles EP for Safety Meeting. Taking nods from such bands as the Wipers, the Nuggets, and the Gories, they bring a “less is more” aesthetic to their song writing, hammering out infectious riffs with intense sloppy precision. Their music is honest, loud, and completely intoxicating, burrowing into the brain like a parasite.

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SMR023 + Cycles EP + 02/18/11

Track Listing
1. Arabian Blade
2. I Remember Everything
3. Kings Run Errands (For Me)
4. Daily Catastrophies
5. An Apology For Treason
6. The Anchorite
7. This Mild Delusion