Crooked Hook


Crooked Hook are a garage/psyche power trio from New Haven, Connecticut. Composed of Joey Maddalena on guitar and singing duties, Jason Bates on the drum throne, and Rick Omonte playing the bass guitar, Crooked Hook lure the listener into hypnosis with dizzying riffs and a relentless pulse. Bluesy passages lead to otherworldly places. Menacing guitar tones and punishing rhythms define a sound that conjures bad omens and blood moons, foreboding and haunting. This should come as no surprise for a band born out of America’s Rust Belt. Their self-titled debut as well as their sophomore follow up “The Captain Will Be Your Guide” were tracked live to 2 inch, only over-dubbing vocals, to preserve the intensity and rawness that help define the band’s crushing live performances.

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SMR001 + The Crooked Hook EP + Released 2/14/06 – SMR028 Vinyl Re-Issue

Track Listing
1. I Just Might Crack
2. Electric Friend
3. Oreon
4. Tempting Mystic
5. Slow Sun



SMR005 + The Captain Will Be Your Guide + Released 9/18/07

Track Listing
1. The Captain Will Be Your Guide
2. Deep End
3. Mystical Beauty
4. Raven
5. Screaming Evil
6. Crimson Dub