Blessed State


photo: Brushback/onebaseonanoverthrow


In just over a year, Blessed State has progressed from the conceptual entity of a few friends, to a fledgling local band with a self-released cassette demo, to a regionally performing band, ready to unveil an 8-song LP to the world. Having found their place within the most recent Western MA punk renaissance and drawing influence from the region’s fuzzed-out 80’s behemoths and Revolution Summer-style post-punk, Blessed State has found itself in what they refer to as their ‘wall of melody flying down a highway at mach III’ sound. In recording their new LP in Easthampton MA with Justin Pizzoferrato (whose credits include California X, Speedy Ortiz, Sonic Youth, & Dinosaur Jr.), Blessed State hopes to have documented a bombastic, yet melodic punk assault within these 8 tracks.

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SMR036 + Head Space + 6/24/14

1. Yer Language

2. Best Case Scenario

3. Live Action

4. Legacy

5. Head Space

6. Ghost Front

7. Wiser

8. New Normal