Acid Mothers Temple is coming back to CT.  This time playing at the Outer Space Ballroom in Hamden.  They’re gonna be joined by Babylon (west coast stoner/psych rock), and local heroes out, Sun Dagger.  As ever, these guys kill it each and every time they hit the stage.  Get ready to watch them bring the drone and the insane, as the speed guru does things to his guitar that baffles the mind.  Don’t miss out on this one!

Tue, April 25, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

The Ballroom at The Outer Space

Hamden, CT


Get your tickets HERE


Pre-Orders have now begun for our latest release from Oneida!  We pressed 500 copies of this double lp, with incredible artwork from local artists, Andrzej Dutkanicz and Alison K Walsh.  We tapped the same audio crew (Wicked Squid Productions & Greg DiCrosta) from the live Acid Mothers project to do up the audio to insure the best quality possible, and even had the ever-impressive eye of Carlos Avila take some live pics at the show.

“Live at Secret Project Robot” is a rare hometown live performance from psych rock veterans Oneida featuring Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) and James McNew (Yo La Tengo) captured live from start to finish at Secret Project Robot in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Stream “Saturday” from the Onedia record either at Spin or the Quietus:

“captures the band playing the track in an intimate space, the track’s driving drums populated by manipulated, feedback-soaked guitars, knocking up a very listenable racket in the process.”  -The Quietus

“a thrumming cut absolutely meant to be played loudly in an enclosed space” – Spin

photo: Carlos Avila


A Special Inauguration Day Message from the Velcro Lewis Group:

We commemorate the Presidential Inauguration of Donald J. Trump and the Women’s March on Washington, D.C. by streaming 2 new songs by the Velcro Lewis Group.
The future-funk anthem, “Free”, calls out Trump and the blood thirsty racists that love him. “Patriarchal Reptile” is an abrasive feminist rant aimed at the puny pussy-grabbers who’s superiority complexes mask their true fear; women.

As the Trump regime begins to dig its disease-ridden claws into our nation’s freedom many of us fear for our health and safety. The Republican agenda has been crafted to oppress the rights of black and brown people, women, LGBT, and the disabled. The rest of the country will become collateral damage while the GOP scorches the Earth. Before the eminent war on art begins and freedom of speech becomes a punchline the Velcro Lewis Group wanted to tell you something: The partys over. Now is not the time to stay in bed. Now is not the time to cry. It is time to call out every enemy that threatens our country. Mitch McConnell & Paul Ryan, the NRA & the MRA, and every bastard in-between – we’re going to hold your feet to the fire until you listen or someday you’ll fall into the flames.

“Free” and ”Patriarchal Reptile” will appear on the Velcro Lewis Group’s forthcoming album, Amnesia Haze. Due out this spring on Safety Meeting Records.

Keep your eyes and ears open for more



The wait is finally over!  Procedure Club’s follow up to their Slumberland Records release is out now!
With undercurrents of haunting airiness and mechanical instability, Procedure Club’s latest work, Pinky Swear, is like a ghost driving the Beast Of Turin through a hailstorm. The song structures consist of heavily reverbed melodic vocals, stuttering mechanized drum beats, dirty bass, synths, and alternately washed-out and jangly guitars.
     This is a great listening experience and it sounds amazing on vinyl!  We cooked up 250 copies of this, so grab a copy now and avoid the rush!



Also, for those of you in town, please make your way over to Lyric Hall on July 22nd, as we’re holding a record release party there alonside the Mountain Movers and Landing, who also are releasing a record that day!



The Debut Self-Titled Full Length from TABLES is finally here!  Pre-Orders and the release show went really well, so look this way, listen to some tracks, and place your order for this gem of a record.  Here’s some details:

Early in 2015, Chris Ruggiero from Gold Coast Recorders teamed up with Josh Druckman (Outlier Inn Recording), Tim Walsh (Stepkids), and Tim Warren (Alternate Routes), and hammered out a beautiful piece of improv ambient electronica.   Synth and vocal loops, piano, and percussion coalesce incredibly well on this and present an album filled with as much charm as zone-out moments.  This is serious long country drive music.  The perfect soundtrack for staring off into the horizon and counting clouds.  What you need to drop the blood pressure after a long work week.  Get your copy now, not cause you’re concerned about living a stress-free life, but because the music is amazing and it will make you love your turntable even more.  

250 copies pressed.  digital downloads included.





A year ago, Stefan from the Estrogen Highs introduced me to the Frustrations and pitched doing a split ep.  The material sounded sick and we were way into it.  The Estrogen Highs side is full up with all the noisy, psychedelic, garage punk that they do so well, and Detroit’s own Frustrations delivered some heavy shred-filled jams that are cracklingly hypnotic.  Fast forward past a bunch of industry-related delays and here we are.  Record is back from the plant and ready to come home with you.

250 copies pressed

sick artwork by Andrzej Dutkanicz




 Thanks to everyone who showed us support on this one. Those of you that missed out, don’t worry, the band still has copies and there’s a couple floating around thanks to Midheaven and Stickfiguredistro

Here’s a pretty great review of ‘Death Magic‘ to motivate you to seek this out: From The Obelisk



Although five years have passed since Apple Mountain, the Mountain Movers’ last full length album, the band has been working steadily, releasing a half dozen 7” EP’s and cassettes. Over the last couple years their line-up has stabilized, one of incredible chemistry, and with every live performance the band’s interpretations of Dan Greene’s song writing have become increasingly direct, focused, and tonally powerful. The result is the highly anticipated new full-length album, Death Magic.

Many bands described as “low-fi” only begin that way, and as the artist improves, so does the level of fidelity. But the Mountain Movers have upended the usual trajectory. After their ambitious and incredibly realized album Let’s Open Up The Chest (2008), a hi-fidelity studio production, subsequent releases were grounds for experimentation and home recording, resulting in a sound that some might call low-fi. For the Mountain Movers, this experimentation was a quest for an elusive tone, a far-off texture, and anyone who has seen their live shows over the last few years has witnessed the Mountain Movers distill their formula into something organic, pure, and unmasked. To make this album, the band set up in the modest basement studio of former member John Miller, whose production is live, transparent, and captures the feeling of what may be Greene’s best song writing to date. Death Magic is not another over-produced, ultra-digital pile of overdubs and effects. Rather, these ten tracks document an inspired, unified performance—fuzzed out, pounding, and hypnotic.

PRE-ORDERS have begun, so grab a copy now before they’re all gone.  Only 250 copies pressed.  Digital Downloads and insert included


Those of you in the New Haven, CT area can beat the rush and see the Mountain Movers in action at their Record Release show, Saturday, August 22nd, at Cafe Nine with Landing and Dead Leaf Echo.  Check out the event HERE