Quiet Life & Scott McMicken 11/23/11

Manic Productions Presents


Scott McMicken (of Dr. Dog),
Scott isn’t playing, ticket price drop

M.T. Bearington,
& Quiet Life

Wednesday, Nov 23rd
at Cafe Nine
250 State St, New Haven, CT

Quiet Life
Somewhere near the swamps of Jersey, roughly 30 skateboard-able miles from Asbury Park, the brothers Spellman spent summer days lingering around the garage as their father worked and blasted Bruce Springsteen cassettes through a dusty portable stereo system. Something about The Boss’ music resonated with Sean and Ryan, enough to make a lasting impression through the skate punk of yesteryear, and after a fitful move to New London, Connecticut during the brothers’ adolescent years, they met guitarist Craig Rupert and formed Quiet Life.

Since the eventual close of their angst-ridden high school days, the band’s music has rolled into the grittier, lacking Springsteen’s penchant for the absolutely epic rock n’ roll, but cashing in on all of the solid folk aspects (think back to the Nebraskan era) with canyon rock and country influences to boot. Sean Spellman’s songs are earnest and straightforward, laden with place names and past times; from the band’s beginnings in a conflicted seafaring town, to their sweet sojourn on California’s Central Coast, and all the nights on the road in between, Quiet Life has found plenty of material in the miles covered.

Since landing in Portland, OR on yet another gamble, the band has wasted no time asserting their place in the city’s kinetic music scene, garnering audiences for their honest-to-goodness rock n’ roll shows in no time flat. After a bit of sitting—though not enough time for the songs to gather dust—their full-length album, Big Green, will be released in January 2011. Until then, catch them while you can, for it’s only a matter of time until they pack up their gear and head back out; if nothing else, these boys were born to run.
Band Site: http://www.quietlifeband.com/

M.T. Bearington
If you’ve looked at this site before, you already know and love M.T. Bearington. They’re gonna show up, have a couple drinks, tell some bad jokes, a couple good jokes, then get on stage and wreck shit. It’s gonna be a lot of fun and chances are you’re gonna need a break from family holiday time. Come down (car pool if possible), drink, have a good time, then go home, sleep in, wake up, eat, go back to sleep, and repeat.
Band Site: mtbearington.com

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