• Posted on October 18, 2012

New Fake Babies EP & Video Out Now!

FAKE BABIES – DONT HOLD YOUR BREATH from jimi patterson on Vimeo.

Fake Babies got a new EP out through Bandcamp and a new video for “Don’t Hold Your Breath” thanks to local filmmaker, Jimi Patterson.  It’s pretty impressive and only $3, which makes it pretty much a must have, but check it out for yourself.

  • Posted on February 28, 2012

Ferocious Fucking Teeth LPs Available Now!

The Big Day is finally here!  The new Ferocious Fucking Teeth LP is available for purchase.  Only 300 copies pressed, each copy comes with a CDR of the music, and lyric insert! So go ahead, check out the new promo track “Haunted” and grab your copy now.


Here’s what the press is saying about the new Ferocious Fucking Teeth LP:

“The New London quintet kinda sound like they’re oscillating between last night’s high and this morning’s bugged out low, and scrape up just enough alt and stoner riffs to piece their jams together.”  – Decibel Magazine

A visceral collection, full of noisy, experimental songs the band describes as ‘heavy stony jams.'” – Hartford Courant 

The sound veers from Earth-esque slowness…and a more abrasive hardcore.” – Thumped

This album feels like forty minutes of exceptionally hard body shots from Mike Tyson.” – Bugg Blog

A Steve Albini production as you might have detected from that awesome guitar sound.” – Burning World

“The stoner/slacker/lo-fi/gutteral noise is unrelenting, unnerving and utterly irresistable.”Pop

“Making enough noise to be heard easily within a 4 state radius and playing music that runs the gammot from slow melodic drone of Earth to the breakneck speed and big riffs of Buzzo*ven this is a band to watch for sure.”  – Wailing City


Want to see them do this live?  Here’s a couple chances to catch them in public:

Thursday March 1st – Manhattan NYC @ the Delancy w/ We Run, Lushes,

The Aviation Orange



Friday March 2nd – Brooklyn NYC @ Hi 5 Gallery w/ Colossal Mantis, No

Shoes, and a bunch of DJS. This is a glow in the dark party.



Saturday March 3rd – New Haven CT @ Cafe Nine w/ The Space Orphans,

The Naked Heroes (LP RELEASE SHOW)



Thursday March 15th – Hamden CT @ The Space w/ Victor Villarreal (of

Cap’n Jazz), Sea Of Bones, Sinforiano Diaz, + more.



Saturday March 17th – Allston Ma @ Gay Gardens w/ Tinsel Teeth, Bugs and Rats

  • Posted on February 15, 2012

Ferocious Fucking Teeth LP Release Show at Cafe Nine (3/3/12)


Safety Meeting Records presents:

Ferocious Fucking Teeth (12″ release show!)
The Naked Heroes
The Space Orphans

Cafe Nine, 250 State St, New Haven CT 21+ $5

The new Ferocious Fucking Teeth LP is here and ready for hungry ears. this record was lovingly recorded by Steve Albini at Electrical Auido on to 2 inch tape and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music. we pressed 300 copies on 150 gram vinyl, and stuffed them with a cdr of the album as well as a lyric sheet. this record is fucking top notch from any angle. come down and grab a copy so people start thinking you’re cool.

this night also marks the new haven premier of the Naked Heroes. 2 piece blues drenched dirty rock n roll from the big city. old-school grads might remember George as the drummer for Disturbed (not the shitty metal band, but the local punk band that used to play with the Pist a lot).

Also, this is the world premier of Space Orphans. Those of you who are still reeling from the loss of Kimono Draggin (especially after dropping the brilliant ‘Kimono Gold’) can rejoice as this is basically them with Kelly from Atrina & M.T. Bearington.

See you guys there!

  • Posted on December 22, 2011

FFT Test Pressings are here

Ferocious Fucking Teeth test pressings are here and they’re sounding pretty awesome.  we’ll post some more stuff up soon and tell you how you can pre-order this soon-to-be house favorite.  In the meantime, check out FFT’s page for more info on them, and try to catch them live.  They kill live.

  • Posted on December 07, 2011

Ferocious Fucking Teeth LP Coming This Winter

Ferocious Fucking Teeth LP

Get Ready, 2012 might be the prophesied end of the world, but just in case mother nature doesn’t implode, Ferocious Fucking Teeth are here to finish the job.  The much anticipated full length LP is coming this winter.  Check out the first single (engineered by Steve Albini and mastered by Alan Douches), ‘Hinkley‘, and keep your eyes and ears alert for more information.

Ferocious Fucking Teeth – Hinkley by safetymeeting
More info: FFT Page

  • Posted on November 21, 2011

Quiet Life and M.T. Bearington at Cafe Nine

Quiet Life & Scott McMicken 11/23/11

Manic Productions Presents


Scott McMicken (of Dr. Dog),
Scott isn’t playing, ticket price drop

M.T. Bearington,
& Quiet Life

Wednesday, Nov 23rd
at Cafe Nine
250 State St, New Haven, CT

Quiet Life
Somewhere near the swamps of Jersey, roughly 30 skateboard-able miles from Asbury Park, the brothers Spellman spent summer days lingering around the garage as their father worked and blasted Bruce Springsteen cassettes through a dusty portable stereo system. Something about The Boss’ music resonated with Sean and Ryan, enough to make a lasting impression through the skate punk of yesteryear, and after a fitful move to New London, Connecticut during the brothers’ adolescent years, they met guitarist Craig Rupert and formed Quiet Life.

Since the eventual close of their angst-ridden high school days, the band’s music has rolled into the grittier, lacking Springsteen’s penchant for the absolutely epic rock n’ roll, but cashing in on all of the solid folk aspects (think back to the Nebraskan era) with canyon rock and country influences to boot. Sean Spellman’s songs are earnest and straightforward, laden with place names and past times; from the band’s beginnings in a conflicted seafaring town, to their sweet sojourn on California’s Central Coast, and all the nights on the road in between, Quiet Life has found plenty of material in the miles covered.

Since landing in Portland, OR on yet another gamble, the band has wasted no time asserting their place in the city’s kinetic music scene, garnering audiences for their honest-to-goodness rock n’ roll shows in no time flat. After a bit of sitting—though not enough time for the songs to gather dust—their full-length album, Big Green, will be released in January 2011. Until then, catch them while you can, for it’s only a matter of time until they pack up their gear and head back out; if nothing else, these boys were born to run.
Band Site: http://www.quietlifeband.com/

M.T. Bearington
If you’ve looked at this site before, you already know and love M.T. Bearington. They’re gonna show up, have a couple drinks, tell some bad jokes, a couple good jokes, then get on stage and wreck shit. It’s gonna be a lot of fun and chances are you’re gonna need a break from family holiday time. Come down (car pool if possible), drink, have a good time, then go home, sleep in, wake up, eat, go back to sleep, and repeat.
Band Site: mtbearington.com

Tickets on sale NOW! http://manicproductions.org/tickets

  • Posted on October 27, 2011

Ferocious Fucking Teeth, Murder Van, Wrist Like This, and Wry!!!

FFT, Murder Van, Wrists Like This, Wry

Safety Meeting Presents

Ferocious Fucking Teeth,
Murder Van,
Wrist Like This,
& Wry

Friday, Oct 28th
$5 cover
at the El n Gee
86 Golden St, New London, CT

Ferocious Fucking Teeth
Heavy Stoney Jams from the New London area! New LP coming this Winter from Safety Meeting. Come check these guys out and get psyched up to grab the record. Bring something put in your ears cause it’s gonna get loud.

Murder Van
Three piece rock n roll. Heavy, sweaty, a lot of fun from start to finish. Murder Van doesn’t fuck around and you should know this before getting in front of them.

Wrist Like This
These guys are in Fatal Film. I love Fatal Film. Even though I don’t know much about this new project, I got a good feeling that this is going to be awesome. Also, people who’ve seen them have raved about them. So leave your socks at home, unless you don’t mind having them blown off.

Keith used to be in Shiv. Shiv was incredible. Keith is still pretty awesome. The other guys are pretty cool too. This is his newest project. Loud, aggressive, rock n roll for your earhole.

  • Posted on September 28, 2011

Safety Meeting & Redscroll Records Present Thou, The Body, and Sea of Bones

WEB re-do

Safety Meeting & Redscroll Records Present

Thou (Baton Rouge, LA),
The Body (Providence, RI),
& Sea of Bones (CT)

All Ages

Thursday, Oct 6th
$6 suggested donation
at a secret location. meet up at Redscroll at 8pm!
24 North Colony Road Wallingford, CT

Taking a break from their tour with Wolves in the Throne Room, Louisiana’s hardest working sludge/doom band finally travels to CT and we’re gonna soak up every low end frequency we can. These guys have been relentlessly releasing records since 2005 on labels such as Robotic Empire, Gilead Media, Southern Lord, and many others. Check out their website for some free downloads and if you haven’t heard ‘Summit’ yet, do so and we’ll be sure to see you at the show.

The Body
From just over the CT/RI border come The Body. You might have seen these guys recently when they opened for Harvey Milk at Daniel Street, or maybe you’re lucky enough to own a copy of “All The Waters of the Earth Turn to Blood”, an album which garnered praise from all sorts of reputable music news sources (8.5 score on Pitchfork). If not, here’s your chance to correct all that and gain a new favorite band.

Sea of Bones
This powerhouse CT three piece has been causing sonic mayhem since 2005. Seeing this doom outfit perform is like getting punched in the gut with low end. These guys don’t write songs, they create emotional soundscapes for the listener to get lost and then found in.

  • Posted on August 13, 2011

Mick Barr ‘Coiled Malescence’ Out Now!

mick barr promo picture, © safetymeeting

Mick Barr LPs are now available for purchase. This album is insane and a seriously intense listen. We pressed 500 copies of the album, the first 150 coming with letterpress paste-on jackets, the other 350 come with reverseboard printed jackets. All records include a letterpress poster insert illustrated by Mick and printed here in the Elm City by Jeff Mueller at Dexterity Press. Order your copy now before we sell out of them.

***All Pre-orders have been mailed out as of September 6th! Thanks!***

  • Posted on August 05, 2011

Iron Hand Review from MAXIMUMROCKNROLL

From MRR #339:

“Iron Hand – “Liquid Assets” EP
“Straight forward burly hardcore not far from another record I reviewed this month by RED//RIVER. IRON HAND has less of a crust influence, a more polished sound and multiple vocalists you can sort of understand. “An Ode to No One” is heavy as bricks before it kicks into a modern hardcore sound. The last track is a cover of the SCREAMERS “122 Hours of Fear” and a good one at that. IRON HAND makes it their own with their noisy big sound but it’s clearly more melodic and catchy.”

get a copy here