• Posted on February 02, 2011

The Mountain Movers

The Mountain Movers were started by Dan Greene and Rick Omonte of New Haven, CT. in order to begin recording as many of Dan’s songs as possible. Dan has hundreds of songs. Some of those songs have been singles of the week in The London Times, NME, and Melody Maker, recorded for a John Peel Session, many live BBC (throughout UK and Ireland) and XFM (London) broadcasts, as well as stages all over the East Coast of America and Europe.

Dan (guitar and singing) is a writer, a Justice of the Peace who has officiated nine weddings, a graduate with a master’s in religion, an editor of the annual journal of poetry from Connecticut prisons, and for the last decade, an elementary school teacher who teaches all secular subjects at an Orthodox Jewish school. He also paints, draws, and makes books of poems, plays, and strange illustrated stories. His artwork can be seen on The Mountain Movers records and posters. Rick (bass, percussion, and noise) is an art installer, and also promotes live music events under the tag Shaki Presents, including his Sunday night series at Bar in New Haven which books bands from all over the world, like Dungen and Animal Collective. Together, they have been fortunate to record with many great musicians in the area. Dan also plays for The Butterflies of Love, while Rick plays for Crooked Hook.

The Mountain Movers is a collective with many interchangeable band members performing consistently solid songs. They have put out two full-length releases on Safety Meeting Records in New Haven: We’ve Walked in Hell (2006) and Let’s Open Up the Chest (2008) which was recorded on 2 inch tape at Seaside Studio in Brooklyn. They also have a picture disc split vinyl 7 inch of the hit Fate’s On Your Side. The first record was released in 2006 throughout the U.K. and Europe by Fortuna Pop records in London.

In addition to supporting Let’s Open Up the Chest, they are hard at work on multiple recordings, which will be released in the near future. Live, they move from a 3 piece to a 6 piece, sometimes quiet, sometimes loud, but always dynamic, romantic, hypnotic, and entertaining. The Mountain Movers have shared the stage with Wolf Parade, The Akron Family, Josephine Foster, Gringo Star, The Lemonheads, and Ted Leo.

The Mountain Movers Myspace Page

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SMR O2 + We’ve Walked in Hell, and There is Life After Death + 10/06

Track Listing
1. Leave a Light on
2. Lost
3. I Met the Devil on the Bus
4. This Last Hope
5. Bomb Shelter
6. What the Devil wants the Devil Takes
7. The Devil is Alive
8. The Afterlife
9. This Man Is Not Dead
10. Not Quiet Yet
11. Just A Few
12. The Devil Always Wins



SMR O3 + Mountain Movers/Titles Split Picture Disc + 5/8/07

Track Listing
Side A. Mountain Movers – Fate’s On Your Side
Side B. 1. Titles – Wait I Don’t Know
Side B. 2. Titles – Everything Is Starting To Look Up



SMR 13 + Let’s Open Up The Chest + 10/28/08

Track Listing
Side A.
1. When The Sun Is White
2. Let’s Open Up The Chest
3. Last Chance For Summer
4. Lost Control
5. You Know Who I Speak Of
Side B.
1. When I Die
2. I Shall Be In Love
3. tornados And Divorce
4. Real Evil
5. Ride Down Head First