• Posted on February 14, 2011

Blood Warrior


Blood Warrior is the culmination of a life long collaborative desire between Greg Jamie (O’Death), Joey Weiss (Super Monster), Kristin Kellas and Rubin Berger (Musee Mecanique, Laura Gibson, Mirah).
Based in New York but made up of members who spend most of their time on the road internationally, Blood Warrior is a unique take on indie-folk and more traditional music of the Americas. Started as a recording project at Greg Jamie’s childhood home and finished at a home studio in Portland, OR, the band has now realized their music in a live setting. Blood Warrior’s distinct sound, consisting of guitars, casios, chord organs, autoharp, marching drums, lots of percussion and four part vocal harmonies, is ripe with unexpected hooks while nodding to roots in folk, gospel and psychedelia. Blood Warrior may be a new band, but they have already been featured on My Old Kentucky Blog, NYC Taper, Hillytown, Slowcoustic, Exploding in Sound, Burlington Music Journal and more.

Blood Warrior Myspace Page

  • Posted on February 14, 2011


smr020 cover

SMR O20 + Blood Warrior

Track Listing
1. Blood Letting
2. Choir
3. King Day
4. Hummingbird
5. Snake Seet
6. Our Ship Was Sailing
7. Heaven
8. Darling Eyes
9. Winter’s Day