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Ferocious Fucking Teeth

Ferocious Fucking Teeth, © safetymeeting
Born out of ashes of past tribulations, Ferocious Fucking Teeth come to feast.

Keep it simple with the totem: the music speaks for itself.

Is it really necessary to know us?

No more babysitting the listener with comforting personalities and backstory.

Come out and face us.

Five figures out of shadow channeling sound, never resting, like the river where we reside.

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SMR027 + Ferocious Fucking Teeth+ 02/28/12
1. One Bright Light
2. Hinkley
3. Daytona
4. Mule
5. River
6. Fred
7. Don’t Go
8. Haunted
9. Fuck On A Weeknight
10. Putting The ‘O’ Back In Country
11. Pony

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smr17cover1400x1400, © safetymeeting

SMR017 + It Was Easy + 2/9/10
1. Every Little Bit Hurst
2. No, Girl
3. Black Bubblegum
4. Piles of Paper
5. Hello There
6. Tougher Than The Rest
7. Steady Love
8. It Was Easy
9. At Fifteen
10. Found Out
11. She Don’t Care About Time


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Mick Barr

mick barr promo picture, © safetymeeting

Mick Barr is a nomadic American musician, composer and performer currently based in the NYC/NJ area. Notable for his relentless speed and agility on guitar and avant-garde compositions. He has been an active musician for almost twenty years and has released over 40 recordings. He is most known for his work with the technical duos Orthrelm and Crom Tech, the progressive black metal band Krallice, as well as his 2 solo projects Octis and Ocrilim. He has released records with notable labels such as Tzadik, Ipecac, Profound Lore, Hydrahead and Kill Rock Stars. He has also been an active improviser, releasing records and playing alongside greats such as Zach Hill, Weasel Walter, John Zorn and Milford Graves among many others. He was named one of the 50 fastest guitarists of all time by Guitar World magazine in 2008. In 2009 he was awarded an unrestricted grant from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts.

In 2010 he debuted a new set comprised of a through-composed 40 minute piece for solo guitar. The recording of this work, which is the first proper release under his own name, is being released on LP by Safety Meeting Records based in Mick’s homeland of New Haven, CT. The CD format is being released by Savage Land Records in France.

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SMR026Cover, © safetymeeting

SMR026 + Coiled Malescence + 9/13/11

1. Arkh
2. Vohvar
3. Isor
4. Cvether
5. Coiled Malescence
6. Welth
7. Herna

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Blood Warrior


Blood Warrior is the culmination of a life long collaborative desire between Greg Jamie (O’Death), Joey Weiss (Super Monster), Kristin Kellas and Rubin Berger (Musee Mecanique, Laura Gibson, Mirah).
Based in New York but made up of members who spend most of their time on the road internationally, Blood Warrior is a unique take on indie-folk and more traditional music of the Americas. Started as a recording project at Greg Jamie’s childhood home and finished at a home studio in Portland, OR, the band has now realized their music in a live setting. Blood Warrior’s distinct sound, consisting of guitars, casios, chord organs, autoharp, marching drums, lots of percussion and four part vocal harmonies, is ripe with unexpected hooks while nodding to roots in folk, gospel and psychedelia. Blood Warrior may be a new band, but they have already been featured on My Old Kentucky Blog, NYC Taper, Hillytown, Slowcoustic, Exploding in Sound, Burlington Music Journal and more.

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smr020 cover

SMR O20 + Blood Warrior

Track Listing
1. Blood Letting
2. Choir
3. King Day
4. Hummingbird
5. Snake Seet
6. Our Ship Was Sailing
7. Heaven
8. Darling Eyes
9. Winter’s Day


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M.T. Bearington

MT Bearington at Bombfest

Matt Thomas knows how to write a song. That much is certain. He’s been the front person for many a band; In Vain, Leaves of Lothlorien, Weigh Down, Short Pants Romance, and the short lived but still talked about Orange Forest. Amidst the chaos of the last couple years, as one band fell apart and another reunited, Matt started writing songs for himself, bringing them home and recording them in his house at the end of late nights, early mornings, and whenever he found the inspiration. The end result, “Cloak Of Nouns And Loss” (SMR011) is a beautiful collection of pop psychedelic folk bliss, owing as much to Brian Wilson as to Roy Wood, complete with highs and lows, perfect harmonies and lush tones. With the exception of a bass line here and a drum track there, the album was recorded, mixed, and performed by Matt Thomas alone. Now, with Weigh Down on hiatus, Matt has assembled the Bearington band to bring his bedroom recordings to life.

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The Estrogen Highs

Estrogen Highs

Emulating the same punk rock DIY attitude and sloppy lo-fi records that helped shaped their youth, New Haven’s the Estrogen Highs crank out blown-out catchy garage rock. After a series of killer singles and full lengths on Telephone Explosion, Deadbeat, Never Heard of It and the tastily titled Milk n’ Herpes Records, the boys deliver their special dose of jangley controlled chaos to the Cycles EP for Safety Meeting. Taking nods from such bands as the Wipers, the Nuggets, and the Gories, they bring a “less is more” aesthetic to their song writing, hammering out infectious riffs with intense sloppy precision. Their music is honest, loud, and completely intoxicating, burrowing into the brain like a parasite.

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